Mark your calendars for Sister Act TEEN!

The divine musical comedy opens at the Woodlawn on May 2, 2017 

May 2-4 @ 7 p.m.

Woodlawn Academy for the Performing Arts holds dear the values and skills that theatre education can teach the youth of our community. Through learning and performing students become more self reliant, more confident, more organized, and more fulfilled.

When the youth program first took off under the supervision of Chris Rodriguez in 2012, an average of 40 students attended the academy per semester. Today, the Academy’s roster consists of more than 150 children per semester and over 300 during our summer camps. Our growing program offers after school sessions, weekend courses, and the opportunity to shine on stage, in the heart of the Deco District. Centrally located, affordable, and led by passionate individuals, the Woodlawn APA is the premier location for youth programming in the arts.

Join us at the Woodlawn Theatre! Help support our mission to produce quality and affordable programming for all ages.

The Academy is growing! Check back with us for more events, productions, and program opportunities.

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